Buddha Wood Hand Balm
Buddha Wood Hand Balm
Buddha Wood Hand Balm


Buddha Wood Hand Balm

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Buddha Wood Hand Balm 500ml or 75ml

with Sandalwood & Orange

Smoky & Meditative.


A hydrating clean-formulated hand balm in our most popular scent — Buddha Wood. We call this formula the balm of calm as it contains native Australian botanicals that work hard to keep you balanced. A formula rich in super nourishing Australian extracts with therapeutic properties and antioxidants. Massage gently into hands and cuticles until completely absorbed.   Partner with our Buddha Wood Hand Wash or Lillypilly Hand Wash at your sink to cleanse and protect.

                                                         Made In Australia

Leif celebrates the diverse flora of our land. Botanical extracts and essential oils combine in clean formulations that come packaged with a modern outlook.