Savon de Marseille

French Soaps


Hands down our favourite soap instore. 

Traditionally made Savon de Marseille are world famous for their beautiful rich texture and long lasting fragrance. They are handmade using age old traditions dating back to Louis XIV.

These soaps are still cooked in cauldrons and the master soap maker uses extra virgin olive oil and sea salt from the Mediterranean Sea. These soaps are without doubt the very best in luxury soaps, gentle on your skin, with beautiful fragrances of Provence.

Size: 250g

Honey: Honey

Sweet, edible, golden autumnal note which illuminates a composition relying on citruses and oriental notes and gives profusion to floral notes.

Poppy: Black

The scent of poppy has quite a mysterious allure to it; filled with citrus and slightly sweet notes including cocoa, cherry blossoms, and vanilla.  All balanced perfectly with a tint of mint; just enough to tease your senses.  

Coconut: White

Intensely tropical note, lush, sweet, milky, vanillic


The scent of Vanilla is a sweet, cozy, comforting, creamy, mouth-watering aroma.

Size: 11 x 7.5 x 3cms